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renews it’s tail, after it loses it, again and again...

Once upon a time, in a country which is not far away from Europe but not far away from Asia also, there were a percussion lover shamanist, a gypsy spirited musician who can play all the instruments and a bass guitar player who is obsessed with seventies psychedelic vinyls and wont rest in peace without collect’em all.

Since this is a fairy tale, one day all of those four guys stuck in a broken elevator and by chance of course they all got their instruments with them.

Until the elevator worked again they played together and created a music which can be called a little psychedelic rock, a little seventies anatolian rock, a little ”Turkish Rakı” and “Belly Dancing” soundtrack.

Ok, I know it is a crazy mix, but one thing is for sure, it is completely new and unique. That’s why, they called themselves “Zabb” which means in ottoman, lizard. The lizard who renews it’s tail, after it loses it, again and again, which symbolises the renewal, which symbolizes their music.

H.Fatih Akın


Erşan Öner


Barış Efendioğlu

Bass Guitar

Yiğit Akın