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renews it’s tail, after it loses it, again and again...

A percussion lover shamanist (Fatih), a gypsy spirited musician who can play all the instruments (Erşan), a red diablo who prefers not to play but beat the drums (Yiğit) and a bass guitar player who is obsessed with seventies psychedelic vinyls and lives in the past (Barış)…

Here you have Zabb, a music band formed by those four strange figures, which plays a psychedelic rock based, grunge spiced music having a 70’s sound and  influenced by Turkish and Ottoman musical scales. It can easily be called a soundtrack to “Turkish Rakı” where sometimes makes you sad but mostly promotes the “Belly Dancing”.

Do you know why it’s called Zabb?  Because, Zabb means “Lizard” in Ottoman. The lizard who renews it’s tail, after loses it, again and again, which symbolises the renewal also symbolizes their musical approach.

Erşan Öner


Barış Efendioğlu

Bass Guitar

H.Fatih Akın


Yiğit Akın